Oh, Chris Sofolo...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I met Chris Sofolo and his beautiful family through my husband, who has known Chris since about the age of fourteen.

Hanging around the Sofolo's was always so inspiring to me.  Such a beautiful family, such grace, humbleness, love,  and simplicity.  They are such wonderful parents to some of the most beautiful and intelligent children I have ever met.  The Sofolo's are the family who inspired me to have a child of my own.  I wanted all of the love and busyness in their home to be happening in mine.

We were invited to dinner at the Sofolo's earlier this summer and before dinner given some pressing news.  I will not go into too much detail on this part, but here is a link to a beautiful writing of Chris's explanation, if you are curious... ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-sofolo/after-the-storm_b_1707736.html )  

I remember being frightened at first, thinking the worst, that Nadia's, Chris's wife, health was at stake.  As Nadia went on explaining, I realized that was not so,  but still felt so sad for her as I watched her cry, holding back tears of my own.  What she said was, in terms of what she imagined her family's future to be, devastating.    

In another sense I was happy and excited for both of them.  Nadia could find someone who would completely love her in all the ways a person should be loved, for she is quite an incredible woman.  Chris could finally be the person he always felt he was deep down.

Receiving this news weighed heavier on me than I thought it would.  The Sofolo's were in my head "the perfect family."  It took a while to overcome the feeling of sadness that there was really nothing I knew that came close to touching what we are believed to perceive as the "perfect" way of life.  

From this, I have come to gain a really close friend.  Chris is a lot like me and what I look for in a friend, he is honest, an open book, and isn't afraid to touch on any subject or get deep into a conversation, and from my experience it is hard to come by people like that.  It has been fun to watch Chris open up and see his excitement as he gets to experience new things that he has, in the past, limited himself from.  He is a courageous soul and a special person in my life.

Recently, Chris moved to Nashville to follow the rest of his family, and we miss him dearly. Here are some pictures I took of him before he left.

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