Sunday Roadtrip

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Have you noticed how many good beards are in here?"-Rebecca
"Only two out of the six beards in this place are impressive."-Me
"Yeah, that guy's beard is pretty weak.
Let's just start a blog in which we solely analyze people's beards."-Rebecca

Relentless Snow

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What a white March day it was!  Today our teeny family had quite a time playing in the snow...
The snow was so deep that Morris would trip and fall with every step, but he did not mind.
Excuse the blurriness on the photo of Morris and me, my husband does not know how to focus a camera.  :)  
We ended the day with chicken tortilla soup (vegetarian style, of course).  We make a lot of tasty meals in this house, but we agreed this was one of the meals that made our tummies smile a whole heck of a lot.  Welp, that's all. Happy Tuesday!

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